Coaching and Mentoring

“In a rapid-change business environment, as a leader, you must do and deliver everything better and faster. You have to pull your people together to learn new behaviors or new skills so that they perform and deliver the expected results, or even more.”


Survey shown coaching and mentoring activities in one company help their people in learning new skills and behaviors. In order to help you to answer this challenge, we have designed coaching services series.

The Coaching Services will be:

  • Executive Coach Service

     to boost performance of your talent through one on one coaching session

  • Team Coaching Service

     to synergize your cross functional team to achive their target faster

  • Building Coaching and Mentoring Skills Workshop for Leaders

The Coaching Services


Coaching and Mentoring is a process of helping others adopt CHANGE and LEARN new skills perform their new roles. Both of Coaching and Mentoring use the same skills with different approach.

Mentoring uses more a telling and sharing approach while coaching focus on asking a powerful and thought-provoking questions.

Coaching and Mentoring program implemented mostly to attract talent and develop leaders within the organization. It also helps company to build a coaching culture that favorable for millennials.

The systematic Coaching and Mentoring activities will have a direct impact on performance, change adjustment, succession planning process, transfer of expertise, employee engagement and retention of their best talent.

We focus on the concept of leaders create leaders by providing them the necessary tools and techniques among others, role of coaches and mentors, coaching and mentoring methods and skills, performance coaching, transformational coaching conversation, coaching for millennials, setting up coaching culture, and how to build a mentoring program.

Our in-house training program is designed to provide your management team with skills that help them to develop and engage their best talent as well as lead change. We customize content of the program based on the client’s business context and priorities.