Eddi Sutanto

Eddi Sutanto is the founder of Asture Solutions focus on providing individual and team coaching on becoming Agile Leader, Agile Team and Agile Organization to adapt and grow in the constant change environment. He has more than 25 years experience in leadership as well as organization development consulting including change management. Before founding Asture Solutions, he was a Managing Director in one of the leading productivity and quality management consulting firm in Indonesia. He holds a bachelor degree in industrial Psychology from Gadjah Mada University with some professional certification:

  • Certified Change Management Professional – CCMP™ from global Association of Change Management Professionals.
  • Certified in Management Consulting Skills by Maastricht School of Management, Netherland.
  • Certified EQ Trainer from Six Seconds, USA.
  • CEO Roundtable Facilitator from Ansoff Associates, Singapore.
  • Certified in Prosci’s Change Management Methodology, USA.
  • Erickson Professional Coach from Erickson International, Canada.
  • 4-D Systems Leadership, Beijing.

Millian Ikhsan

Millian Ikhsan is a Partner in Asture Solutions who partners with the founder to develop and grow the consulting firm that focus on People and Organizational Development in rapid change business environment.

Millian has more than 20 years of experiences working of as an entrepreneurs, professional and educators in marketing, advertising, entrepreneurship and human resources areas. Before involve in starting-up Asture Solutions, He is managing the Silicon Valley based foundation that focus on building up the entrepreneurship ecosystem for university students and SME in Indonesia.

He also a part-time lecturer in Universitas Nasional, Jakarta, teaching entrepreneurship and coaching the young start-up club in Universitas Nasional. Millian has wide range of interest in business, education, people development, entrepreneurship, marketing and technology. He is keen learner, avid reader, deep thinker and enthusiastic person. Millian holds a Bachelor Degree from Universitas Padjadjaran, and Master Degree from University of Toledo, OH, USA.

Faizal Ramanda

Faizal Ramanda is a business graduate from Prasetiya Mulya Business School. He has a huge enthusiasm towards start-up industry, which lead him to be exposed into Agile process. He has initiated several small businesses, including Kine food (packaged catfish) and Iji Goods (carrying goods). He holds some certifications to support him on becoming an Agile person:

  • 4-D Systems Leadership, Beijing.
  • Agile SCRUM Class, Jakarta.