About Us

In the fast-changing world, the challenges are maintaining customer’s loyalty and improving its competitiveness. To provide more values to the customers in the most cost-effective way, companies still facing organizational problems, such as silo mindset, lack of collaboration, unresolved conflicts and failed to build psychological safety in the organization and eventually drifting away from the shared focus on the customer.

Asture Solutions aims to be a partner for companies to create an agile leader, team and organization to compete in a rapid change environment. Asture Solutions has a proven and hands-on methods and tools that will provide opportunities for individuals and teams to build a capabilities to make smarter and innovative decisions and act responsively to any changes occurred in pursuing their organizational goals.

Asture Solutions believes that any achievement and innovation only can occur where the environment, mindset, beliefs and values in the organization support the people to speak their mind, ideas, concern and mistakes. Or simply can defines as Psychological Safety.

Asture Solutions works on building up the culture, people, strategy, system and tools through the stages we called The Asture Way.

The Asture Way

Rethink the Mission

To make everybody focus the whole talent and energy on the shared goals.

Organization Alignment

Ability to collaborate in diversity to reach the organizational goals.

Values-Based Leadership

Leaders foster psychological safety to ignite the innovation.

Agile Culture

Ability to foresee and get ready to respond before the need to change comes.